Monday, December 16, 2013

#ReadingCram Read-a-thon Day 8 - Update and Dream Cast

Jenny from Juliababyjen's Reading Room and Dana from Dana Square are hosting a Read-a-thon from December 9th - 22nd called End of the Year 2013 #ReadingCram.

Day 7 Progress:
Game by Anders de la Motte--Finished 238 pages
Athena's Daughter by Juli Page Morgan--Finished 336 pages

Total books read so far: 7 (and one novella)
Total pages read so far: 2176 (+40 minutes of an audiobook)

Challenge #7

Dream Cast

For today's challenge, we're supposed to come up with a dream cast for one of our favorite books we read in 2013. I'm never any good at these, but I'm going to give it a go anyway. I chose My Life Next Door because I loved it and it's relatively fresh in my mind. So, here goes -

Samantha - Dakota Fanning
I think the actress that plays Samantha needs to be sweet and lovely and young. I love Dakota Fanning for this role!

Jase - Logan Lerman
Like Samantha, I picture Jase as sweet. young and attractive. Logan Lerman from Percy Jackson seemed to fit the bill.

Tim - Mark Saling
I actually pictured Tim to be blonde, but I couldn't find a blonde actor who I thought worked for the part. Tim needs to be cute and cool, but kind of a messed-up guy - Mark Saling works for that!

I have no idea who this kid is, but he's really adorable and George has to be an adorable kid!