Friday, June 14, 2013

Feature & Follow Friday - Book Spine Poetry & GFC on it's way out completely?

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Here's today's question -

Q:  Activity: Spine Poetry. Create a line of poetry with your book spines (take a picture). Not feeling creative? Tell us about your favorite poem.

A: This is kind of an eclectic mix of books, but I liked the poem that it created!

The Power of a Whisper
Welcoming the Stranger

Mostly Harmless

The Whisper
Lost and Found

I keep hearing that it has been announced that GFC (Google Friend Connect) will no longer be available after July 1st 2013. Most of you have heard the news already and have assimilated over to Bloglovin'.

But did you know that you can easily import the blogs you are following with GFC into your Bloglovin account?

You can read more about Bloglovin' and importing blogs here:

You can't import your followers, though. That is up to the follower!
So, if you're a follower, be sure to join Bloglovin' and import all the blogs you follow so you don't miss everyone's posts and giveaways!

I'd very much appreciate it if my GFC followers continued to follow me through Bloglovin'!

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P.S I stole this post from  All We Have is Stories, who stole it from Lazy Day Literature.  


  1. Lovely poem. :) We have the same name. Hehehe. I don't know, I just love finding people who have the same name as me. Excuse my shadiness. XD New follower via Bloglovin! Also, thanks for the tip. I had no idea that that was possible.

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  7. Hi-I already follow you on Bloglovin which is how I viewed this post :) I just wanted to say thanks for letting us know that GFC is ending soon. I have just restarted a book blog this month and had no clue, sigh... I will wind up losing just about all my followers. Again, thanks, and btw, nice poem :D

  8. OOoh very nice! I guess I was lazy this morning--although I do admit that I do do these posts wayyyy too early in the morning--and just took a pic of a TBR stack, one of many. So my poem doesn't seem to have a nice flow. Wish they'd post the question in advance so I could put more time into these posts. But still fun!!

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  9. I love the way your poem turned out! It's really beautiful. (:

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  11. Your poem is co cool - love the use of repetition. Very poignant lol

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  20. Great, and nicely done poem! I love that you used a Douglas Adams book!!! :) Such creativity going into all these FF's, it's amazing!

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  36. Great poem! I love how you used whisper twice, I would have thought it would be hard to find two books with the same word in it haha but you managed it.

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